Find out about our hardware that takes the "hard" out of the equation

Our Vision

Our vision is to make cryptocurrency mining accessible to anyone who wishes to do so, without incurring the initial costs involved in purchasing proper machines and creating a suitable electricity infrastructure. Just register and start mining.
Purchase vs Rental
The start-up costs associated with cryptocurrency mining can be quit high. Maintenance costs associated with operating a mining operation are equally high. We provide an infrastructure that allows you the opportunity to delve into cryptocurrency mining and see if it suits you, before investing in your own infrastructure.
Our proprietary technology enables us to partition our massive computing and electrical infrastructure, based on customer purchase size to ensure all customers are receiving mining capabilities based on their purchase sizes.
How It Works
Easy As One Two Three
Our machines are already working for you! Take 3 easy steps!
Register an account
Purchase your mining credits
Pre-define your prferred crypto wallet, and collect your output
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